Networks are an essential part of a modern business, increasing efficiency by providing quick and easy methods of finding and sharing information.

Cadnet can help you develop your network to make a real difference in your companys performance.

Cadnet can provide you with the highest levels of technical expertise, strategic thinking and hands on skills.

Cadnet Network solutions

network design and installation solutions

Networks are an essential part of a modern business; allowing your computers to communicate increases your efficiency. They allow you to share expensive equipment, like printers, and improve performance by helping your teams share information quickly and easily.

If you already have a network that you need expanding, or do not yet enjoy the benefits of having your systems networked, Cadnet can help.

  • Network Planning.
  • Network Installation.
  • Microsoft Server Configuration.
  • Shared Internet Access and Security
  • Email Configuration
  • Remote Access Configuration
  • Network Antivirus Solutions
  • Secure and Effective Wireless Networking
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