the cloud 

The web has become a integral part of any business, from web sites to web applications to backup, the web offers a lot to a business in terms of communications and security.

online bAckup

the problem

Your business data will be growing rapidly each year, and it’s essential to have access to that information for the business to run. Unfortunately, Data loss happens!

Hard drives crash, and accidental file deletion can occur at any time and put your company’s future in danger. Studies show that 93% of all companies that suffer significant data loss close down within 5 years.

Traditional backups can be expensive and they rely on human action to work which is often ineffective.

The Solution

Cadnets’ new online backup solution can give you the peace of mind you need!

Cadnet offer an inexpensive full online backup solution, fully managed and secure.


The human element has always in the past been the biggest contributing factor to a failed backup when its need most.

With this solution there is need to remember to change tapes or drives and no need to remember to take them off site!

This backup goes offsite securely with no human effort required at all.


If the size of your initial backup is large then we will send you an external Hard Drive, backup your system and then collect the drive to add your files to our servers.

So no painfully slow initial uploads.

Once the backup has started only the changes made to a file are backed up keeping the backup fast and efficient without using much of your internet bandwidth.


All data is encrypted before transmission and stored encrypted, so you can be certain that your data is safe.


Our backup solution can backup, data, workstations or servers equally well:

  • Open files are supported so you are covered even if you leave your file open
  • Microsoft Exchange Server is fully supported
  • Microsoft SQL Server is fully supported
  • A clean user interface, keeping usability at the forefront of any design.
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server is fully supported
  • More space can easily be made available if your backup grows


Traditional web backup solution can be expensive the more you backup, and when you introduce a server to the equation prices rise rapidly.

We recognize that you need an inexpensive solution to protect one of your most valuable resources, your data and your systems.


Cadnet will install, create and manage your backup solution behind the scenes to make sure that you are covered at all times.

We take away the worry of whether you have an up to date backup of your mission critical data.

What's included

Standard Features

  • Fully Automated Online Backup
  • Up to 1Tb Data Storage as standard
  • Bit Level File Backup
  • Encrypted transmission and storage
  • Initial Physical Backup
  • Managed Service


  • Bare metal system restore Option (with restore to Virtual Machine)
  • Additional Storage Space Options