the cloud 

The web has become a integral part of any business, from web sites to web applications to backup, the web offers a lot to a business in terms of communications and security.

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Web Services

The web is a versatile place

For a long time the web was used simply as a place to advertise. These days however it is used for a host of purposes never imagined. Web stores, data tracking sites, communication portals, online backup and online email services make the web a rich resource to help businesses develop.

Web site hosting

Cadnet operate a series of web servers dedicated to hosting web sites for our clients. Unlike larger providers we can offer a more personalised service where you know that we care whether your website is running quickly and reliably throughout the year.

email hosting

For those who don't yet need a server, or for those with a large number of employees based outside the office, Cadnet offer a hosted email service that provides full email services along with shared calendars, shared tasks and shared contacts, giving enterprise level services where they are needed most.

web applications

Cadnet offer bespoke web applications to meet the needs of your business. If you have a problem, and off the shelf packages just aren't right, speak to our team of developers to create applications suited to your unique needs. Cadnet offer the complete solution from consultancy, to development, to deployment. Why have something that is half right for your business when we can create something perfect? 

online backup

Your data and emails are the backbone of your business. The loss of either is often critical, most businesses that suffer major data loss go out of business shortly thereafter.

Standard methods of backup rely on a person to change the backup device or media and take them off site each evening. As with all things requiring human interaction the chance of something being missed is high

Thats why Cadnet offer a fully automated online backup solution. Your data, emails and even operating systems can be stored on our web servers and updated automatically every day and night. No human intervention required. So in the event of a problem you can be certain that your critical data is safe and can be quickly restored.